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May 15, 2006

Firefox 2: A Tour of Bon Echo Alpha 2

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A great tour on Bon Echo Alpha 2, the early test release of Firefox 2, by well known Phoronix site. One of my best features seems to be the addition of an inline spell-checker for text boxes as well as better RSS capabilities. Though I startedsubscribing to RSS feeds just months ago, imagine that, I see this as great news for me. Some other features implemented are that found in Tab Mix Plus plug-in that I use, such as opennig linkks in new tabs rather than in new windows, session restoration, and support for Scalable Vector Graphics text. The final release for Firefox 2 is scheduled for an August 2006, which is not that far away. So, here is the review.

Released Friday afternoon was Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo Alpha 2 — the second development milestone in the road to Mozilla Firefox 2.0, which is expected for a release later this year. In this latest Firefox 2.0a2 release, which is targeted solely at developers and testers, are quite a few prominent changes. Rather than simply providing screenshots or the release notes for this feature-filled release, we have independently examined most of the changes, and today at Phoronix we have some details to share in regards to these newly implement features. Whatever browser you may be currently using, Mozilla Firefox v2.0 is suiting up to knock out Internet Explorer 7 and Opera. Before we begin, for those not familiar with Bon Echo, it serves as the pre-release code name for Mozilla Firefox v1.2.x, and its name is taken from the Bon Echo Provincial Park. This naming is similar to Deer Park for Mozilla Firefox v1.5.x.

Complete Tour with lots of pics.

Linux Product Review — Running Windows on Linux

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Regardless of how fast, stable, and geek-chic desktop GNU/Linux has become, we still live in a Windows world. Many vendors, either through lack of vision or funding, will produce only a Windows version of their software or drivers. If you're a gadget geek like me, you likely end up in the same old quandary of "I want that gadget, but it only has Windows drivers." If you're even more like me, you'll elect not to take the high road and search for ways to run that bad boy on your desktop GNU/Linux box.

TuxThere are a handful of products that will enable Windows applications to run on GNU/Linux, all with varying degrees of success. Regardless of which products are on the market, they'll fall into two categories: those that require you to have a licensed copy of Windows, and those that don't. Win4Lin and VMware fit into the first category, which I affectionately call "virtual machine-type" applications. The second category is where products like Wine, CrossOver Office, and Cedega fall. These products don't require Windows, rather they attempt to fool Windows applications into thinking they're running on Windows by performing varying types of tricks at the binary level. I call this class of application "windows emulators" (quite wrongly, I admit).

It only seems fair to compare apples to apples and so this article is a comparison of the two virtual machine-type applications Win4Lin 2.7 and VMware Workstation 5.5.1. The test emphasizes desktop GNU/Linux and the test platform is a suitably powerful Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop with 512MB of RAM, a 30GB hard drive, a 2.2GHz processor running Kubuntu "Breezy Badger" 5.10 with kernel 2.6.12-10-386.

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May 12, 2006

Review of SUSE 10.1

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Here comes some great reviews on SUSE 10.1. Surely there will be more to come in coming days, so get ready for SUSE weeks. So, for now here is first review and a good one.

The first thing I saw was an animated screen with a nice SUSE Linux 10.1 logo in the center, a blue background picture and the word "welcome" written in Japanese, English, German, Italian, Czech, French, Spanish and Chinese coming from the sides. I was beautiful and I immediately felt very impressed!


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