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April 11, 2006

An Accelerated Introduction to Solaris 10

by @ 12:13 am. Filed under Virus, HowTo, Solaris/OpenSolaris

Times have changed. 10+ years ago most peoples first experience with UNIX was SunOS/Solaris. But thats changed, from about 1995 untill now the first UNIX experience is typically with Linux because of its popularity and easy availability. So now there are a huge number of *NIX experts and advanced users who are starting to look at Solaris but are feeling like n00bs again. Since Sun has made it open sourced, why not give this powerful OS a try …

Ben Rockwood has written a 2 part "Accelerated Introduction to Solaris 10" that you really ought to peruse if you're thinking about playing with the new Solaris. Read Part 1 and then mosey on over to Part 2. You'll learn something, even if you never play to actually use Solaris, and that's always a good thing.