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September 27, 2005

Best Free Web Development Software

by @ 11:54 pm. Filed under Hardware, technology
Here's a list of the very best free web development tools available.

September 26, 2005

Hacking the Library - Where information is already free

by @ 8:41 pm. Filed under Hardware, technology
Forget P2P music sharing, ebook warez, Google hacking, movie torrents. Get your lazy digital self down to the online L, where the legit, wired services surpass the pirate scene. Libraries are online in a big way with music available for request, ebooks ready to download, games waiting for checkout, magazines, movies, and, oh yeah, books.

September 23, 2005

Opera - Better Than Firefox? Firefox / Opera Comparison

by @ 9:28 pm. Filed under Hardware, technology
Opera was formerly adware and has just been released as freeware. Is it worth it to make the switch? Firefox is a runaway success. With over a gazillion downloads (a gazillion and fifty-four, to be exact), it's the most popular consumer open source application of all time. Opera is the older sister that doesn't get as much attention because she's, you know, older. She's not as much of a party animal. Until very recently, it cost you to take her out. Or at least, God forbid, listen to her advertisements. That's changed, though. She's not just cheap now. She's free. Just like her younger sister, Firefox. ... read more

September 19, 2005

Wiki: Planen, einrichten, verwalten

by @ 12:00 am. Filed under Hardware